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Sales Training Class for the Foundations Sales Mastery Course in Central PA

 Sales Training


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> Sales Training

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> Customized In-House Training

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> Team Building

With our branding and marketing strategies, your inboxes will be jam packed.

But what happens to those leads coming in? Are your sales people properly equipped with the skills to both qualify and then close those leads?

Before you invest in marketing strategies, you should consider investing in your ultimate asset, your PEOPLE!

Companies that invest in their people’s long-term growth through ongoing leadership and sales training not only yield higher monetary results. They also face less turnover, have more positive work environments, and build stronger communication levels within their teams and departments.

Ready to increase your sales? Head to our contact form. >>>

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Our Partnership with Sandler Training

Vast Strategies has partnered with Sandler Training through Staub & Associates, a professional sales training and development company located in South Central PA. 

If you’re ready to commit to working with a reliable trainer that can provide proven and dependable tools, tactics, and a complete sales process, Sandler training could be the perfect opportunity for you. 

While Sandler Training has always been a leader in the sales training world, Kate also offers a well-rounded approach for both the managers leading the sales efforts and the front line customer care reps maintaining the customer base. 


During the sales training, you'll walk away with: 

> A proven and reliable sales system with every step outlined from start to finish

> An understanding of your prospects goals, decision making process, budget and timeline

> Increased sales and profits - thanks to consistent results 

Why sales training?

This training focuses on strengthening attitudes, teaching people how to behave more consistently, and utilizing the proper techniques at the right time which ultimately allows achievement of higher results, more efficiency, and a greater return on your marketing investment.

Learn more about Staub & Associates training offerings and programs:

Tammy at Vast Strategies connected me with Sandler Sales training as part of our marketing package. I found the sales training very helpful and gained valuable skills and knowledge to expand my strategies to help my company grow. Katie is engaging and uses her experiences to help other companies come up with sound processes and plans to optimize sales. I am thankful for this experience and encourage other companies to consider investing in Vast Strategies for your marketing needs and Sandler Training for training opportunities.

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Melinda Brinton

Frankton Telecommunications

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