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We Listen.
We Empower.
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A New Type of Agency

We Don't Play By the Rules. Most of the time.

We are dedicated to our art, our clients, and the belief that every business should be able to obtain beautiful design and a strategic marketing plan. Our team is made up of a collective group of professionals, all titans in their industries, who work remotely so that we can ensure incredible strategy and design - at an affordable price - for the long run.

Our Rules

 >>  Follow Through <<

If we say we're going to do it, we do it. No exceptions.

>> Honesty <<

We are direct. We are not "Yes People." We tell the truth. We will always have your best interest at heart which means that sometimes we will be saying something you might not want to hear. (i.e. No, we will not be using bright orange for your Relaxation Spa logo color. I know you love that color, but it's not the best choice.)

>> Fun <<

We like smiling. We like laughing. We like having fun. A lot of our clients tell us that we are fun to work with, and we believe them.

Tammy Vasbinder Owner of Vast Strategies


Our Fearless Leader 

At Vast Strategies, there is nothing more important to Tammy than the relationships she builds with her clients and the results she delivers. Authentic, warm, and welcoming, Tammy has always been able to put people at ease and is a natural connector. (Three different couples that met through her are now married.)


Tammy's experience spans twenty years and includes sales and buyer positions in print and radio. During her career in radio, she was featured in a national magazine called “Radio Ink” as one of the Top 10 Radio Reps in the country. While that's impressive, she is more importantly featured as our "Best Boss" on the regular.


When she's not cultivating detailed marketing strategies, you can often find Tammy acting or working on comedy sketches, teaching her sons how to be excellent humans, or playing sports. 

Bitsy McCann Graphic and Web Designer Headshot


Our Creativity Curator

Designer. Brand Master. Song Bird. Though Bitsy started her career in radio, when she moved to Harrisburg, she jumped ship and started to learn design. A self-taught and incredibly obsessed designer, Bitsy has helped our clients create their brand, refine their approach, and increase their positive presence online and in person.


Though she only has a decade of design experience, her ability to "get it" is astonishing. Bitsy is direct, engaging, and fun-loving, and her excitement when working on a new project is unparalleled.


When she's not building new brands, Bitsy performs at local vineyards and breweries, runs Petapalooza, drinks cold brew coffee, and smiles a lot.

Gwen Robbins Promotional Product Consultant Headshot


Our Promotional Prodigy

Our go-to for travel stories, Gwen is as knowledgeable as she is fun. Passionate about print, promo, and apparel, Gwen is devoted to providing the best printed materials and marketing items for our clients, and she always keeps their brand at the forefront of her mind.


Gwen has great relationships with companies all over the world so that our clients always receive the highest quality products at the best possible prices. Plus, Gwen really loves ensuring that each order is perfectly printed and delivered on time. Our customers appreciate how meticulous she is.


When she's not researching new promotional items, Gwen is cooking up a storm, flying around the country, and rearranging her twins' kitchens.

Chad Arentz Designer Headshot


Our Innovative Artist

Designer. Creative thinker. Retired Matador. Chad is an expert problem solver, fantasy football league commissioner, and a devoted father. He's won an exhausting amount of awards over the years, and it's easy to see why.


During his thirty years of experience, Chad has never been one to shy away from new technology. Adapting with the decades has kept him a strong force within the industry and makes him a powerhouse at Vast Strategies.


When he's not deep into development mode, Chad enjoys "Friday Night Lights" moments as a youth sports coach, researching modern design, and grabbing coffee with a new friend.

Maureen Williams Media Buyer Headshot


Our Media Mogul

Customer-centric and determined, Maureen is the best media buyer in the area and probably all of the world (in our humble opinion). With her objectivity and experience, she is able to easily negotiate the most effective media placement at the best prices.


Maureen researches what multi-media advertising plans will be the most effective for each of our clients, and she is dedicated to helping our clients grow their business.


When she's not creating media plans, Maureen is managing her dog's Instagram page, volunteering with Sertoma, and curling up with a good book.

Mary Williams Professional Commercial Photographer Headshot


Our Friendly Shutterbug

Whether it's commercial portraits or product photography, Mary is incredible at capturing the perfect image. She is not only a photographer, but an impeccable stylist who ensures that every single detail is given thoughtful attention.


Constantly up-to-date on modern photography trends, Mary is brilliant at capturing exactly what our clients need. She has an extraordinary ability to focus on the subject while creating a modern and purposeful motif.


While we love her abilities as an at-home sommelier, this certified scuba diver is especially proud of having raised five healthy, happy, and kind kids. (And we're proud of her, too!)

Emily Fisher Interior Commercial Designer Headshot


Our Space Sprucer

Energetic. Knowledgeable. Brainstorm Superstar. Emily, our interior designer, loves nothing more than taking a brand our creatives have crafted and moving it into a physical location.

From color selection and flooring design to furniture acquisition and decor sourcing, Emily is able to bring a client's brand to life. Emily's  focus on each project is concentrated and innovative, and her skill at designing spaces is unmatched.

When she's not searching for the perfect lighting fixture, Emily enjoys "Bob Vila"ing up her home, watching her kids on the football field, and planning her future as a catamaran captain.

Kate Kohler Headshot2.jpg


Our Sales Training Ninja

Throughout her entire life, Kate has always been dedicated to serving. She wholeheartedly believes that giving to others is the best way to develop positive professional and personal results.

Kate has two decades of sales training, coaching, and presenting experience with specialized training skills focused on management, team building, and customer care. She routinely helps our clients increase their sales by creating better practices.

When she's not developing other sales ninjas, Kate enjoys traveling to the rainforests of Costa Rica, reading a good book, and spending time with her husband and two sons.


I LOVE working with Tammy. She has a passion for her job and beams with enthusiasm. Tammy is aggressive yet compassionate. She works hard day in-day out to get business and recruit clients. She's tough when she has to be, but also cares deeply about her clients and their continued success. 

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