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Customer Care Training Program

This 12 week customer care program will help your people maximize their inside business efforts and overall communication skills.


What are our expectations of people in the frontline? We’re asking them to make outgoing calls, cross-sell, and up-sell along with the expectation of higher service levels. But are we preparing them to do these tasks well, or are we setting them up for failure?

This Strategic Customer Care Program is unlike any training available. This is not a "quick fix" short term solution to success. It provides long-term, incremental reinforcement training and coaching to ensure a return of the training investment.


These techniques are unique, and they differentiate you from your competitors. In addition
to proven technical skills, positive attitudes and productive behaviors are also developed to effectively implement winning strategies. 

Sales Mastery

This program offers on-going, reinforcement sales training for those who are interested in long-term growth and sales development. ON-GOING ENTRY.

Sales & Customer Service Coaching

With over twenty years working alongside local and national leaders, Kate specializes in guiding professionals and sales people to improve their career and personal life. She highlights strengths, shines a light on weaknesses, and provides the tools and the framework for them to grow. ON-GOING ENTRY.

Customized Training

Full or half day training sessions can be completely customized to focus on the specific challenges your team is struggling with. The goal is to ensure each participant walks away with strategies they can immediately implement in their sales process. ON-GOING ENTRY.

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