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Traditional & Digital Media Buying


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> Integrated Media Solutions

> Traditional Media Buying Broadcast

     Television, Multi-screen Cable and PDV, OTT, 

     CTV,  Streaming Television (Hulu, YouTube),

     Streaming Radio (Spotify, Pandora,

     iHeartRadio) Static or Digital


> Digital Media Buying Search Engine           Marketing (SEM), Google Ad Network, 

     Geofencing, Programmatic Display and


> Social Media Marketing 

> Print Newsprint, Direct Mail, Lifestyle

    Publications & Trade Publications

> Transit Bus Wraps and Exteriors, Bus     

     Interiors, Bus Shelters, Airports, Trains or

     Light Rails, Uber, and Taxis

Everything begins with a free consultation.



We worked with a company to build their eCommerce website so they could save on fees and increase their SEO. Before we built their site, they sold 15-20 items a month on Etsy. To encourage Christmas gift sales, we ran a Social Media Advertising campaign that utilized retargeting technology. They almost doubled their break-even and sold 258 signs. In three weeks. Their ROI on the investment was 195%. 

With so many options, what do you choose? Traditional advertising or digital advertising? Maybe a combination of both? A media buying investment depends on many factors: the client's goals and budget, the specific media mix, how many markets the client is trying to reach, who the target audience is, and how quickly the company wants to grow.


For clients that are just starting out and may not know what their marketing budget should be, we offer initial market research and will provide an idea of how much money should be allocated for an effective and strategic marketing campaign. These numbers are ballpark figures based on the parameters provided by the client.


For our clients who are already spending money in advertising, we offer a free media analysis. We investigate a client’s current media mix to identify new opportunities and wasted dollars.


Once budgets are approved, we then negotiate and purchase the media with our vendors on the clients behalf.  Our goal is to maximize our clients budget and deliver results, and we do that time and time again. 

Media Buying Digital Advertising Puzzle by Vast Strategies in Central PA

We Love Puzzles.

Finding the specific pieces for an advertising plan and putting them together for one big media buying picture - well, it excites us beyond words.

More than that, when we can continually create advertising campaigns that blow our clients away, it gives us such a sense of satisfaction that we attempt to outdo ourselves every time.

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