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10-Week Foundations Sales Training Program

The Sandler Foundations Program is designed to introduce the Sandler Selling System through a ten week course which includes training, interactive learning, a one on one coaching session, personality profiles, and online tool with audio reinforcement.

The training includes selling techniques, behaviors, and attitude awareness skills that will help you further develop professionally and personally. This will be presented in a way that gives you an easy-to-follow “System” to blend with your individual personality.

In Person and Virtual

At our York Training Center


8:30 - 10:30 AM

Jan 9 - Mar 12

Apr 9 - June 11

July 9 - Sept 10

Oct 8 - Dec 10

Week 1   Why Salespeople Fail? The Importance of Having a System

Week 2   Improving Your BAT-ing Average – How Behavior, Attitude & Technique Determine Success

Week 3   Bonding & Building Rapport – Differentiating Yourself in the Marketplace

Week 4   Up-Front Contracts – Establishing Ground-rules for Adult/Adult Relationships & Conversations


Week 5   PAIN vs Feature/Benefit Selling – Why People Buy?

Week 6   Questioning Strategies to Maintain Control of the Selling Process

Week 7   Uncovering the Prospect’s Budget & Decision Making Process and Making Presentations

Week 8   Post Sell & Closing the Sale – Set the Stage for Doing Business Together & Avoid Buyer’s Remorse


Week 9   Putting it all Together & Review of the System

Week 10  Prospecting, LinkedIn and Cookbook

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