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Take Your Business to the Next Level with Sales Coaching

You probably knew this, but marketing and sales go hand in hand. Techniques are constantly evolving, and regular education is crucial to staying ahead of the curve. At Vast Strategies, we train our clients on the processes behind everything we do, including marketing strategy, social media management, content writing, SEO development, and website updating. The addition of a sales coaching service was a no-brainer for us, and we knew right away that Kate Kohler was hands down the best person for the job.

The Best of the Best

Kate brings 20 years of stellar sales training, coaching, and presenting experience to the table, along with specialized training skills focused on management, team building, and customer care. She has built an exceptional toolbelt of best practices from spending time with CEOs, business owners, and other sales professionals. Her addition to the Vast Strategies team opens new doors and new opportunities for our clients to meet and exceed their sales goals.

The Value In Sales Coaching

Through sales coaching, business owners can expect to take away valuable information about effective communication, behavior, attitude, time management, and techniques. Additionally, Kate coaches on essential sales best practices, including prospecting, sales system and process, questioning strategies, post-sell activity, and effective follow-up. When all of these pieces work together, you can expect an increase in sales. All of our clients do.

How Sales Coaching Impacts Your Business

Though a single workshop or consultation is packed with value, Kate knows the advantage of keeping things consistent and straightforward. “We encourage individuals to take a few valuable nuggets away from every training session they attend.” Kate explains, “If they can focus on implementing those things immediately, it’s much easier to form new skills and habits quickly.”

Kate centers her work around helping professionals recognize the importance of continued learning. “Consistency is key,” she explains, “and we strive to help our clients understand that regular training is vital if they desire long-term growth and development in all areas of life, both personally and professionally.”

Sales Coaching Success Stories

Kate helps business owners save time, money, and resources while crushing sales goals and increasing revenue in the process. “We help businesses find sales solutions,” Kate says, “so they can spend more time working on their business rather than in their business.”

Recently, Kate was asked to help a struggling sales team falling very short of their sales goals. “The problem was,” Kate explains, “there was no determined sales process, and they had no behavior plan for prospecting in place. They were spinning their wheels.” Kate introduced sales training to define behaviors for the team to execute. “Their results improved dramatically.” Kate says, “This fiscal year, they hit their sales goals six months early and are primed to double the goals the company set forth for them.”

In another case, a business owner started with the Sales Foundations Course and cut their two-hour-long prospect meetings into 20-45 minute meetings while tripling business in the first year. After seeing these results, they became a long-term member of Kate’s sales training services.

These examples speak for themselves - Kate is the real deal. We’re thrilled to add sales training to our list of services at Vast Strategies. To put it simply, introducing sales coaching and further training into your business strategy will help you evolve, adapt, and excel.

Sales Coaching Services Offered

Through Vast Strategies, Kate offers a twelve-month individual coaching service for those looking to commit to a year of sales training upfront. Additionally, group training services are available in the Sales Mastery Membership, where Kate and her team include unlimited monthly workshops. For our clients looking to make a shorter commitment, the Foundations Sales Training Program is a three month program that includes 10 weekly sessions and three workshops without consultation. This being said, like all of our services, we can custom tailor a sales training program to your individual needs.

To learn more about what sales coaching through Vast Strategies can achieve for your business, drop us a line here.


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