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A Different Kind of Marketing Firm and Advertising Agency

The Inception of Vast Strategies

Tammy Vasbinder, a people-loving, hardworking, and strategic business woman, was ready to get back into the workforce after spending several enjoyable years raising her two boys. Prior to beginning a family, Tammy was a nationally recognized senior account executive at Clear Channel Communications. She worked with hundreds of Central Pennsylvania businesses and often helped them beyond radio advertising by recommending them to designers, developers, printers, media buyers, and other marketing professionals in the area.

Tammy had always loved working directly with business owners and was incredibly passionate about their success as much as her own. When she started brainstorming career possibilities, she knew that she wanted to move into a field where she could achieve growth for her clients. What if she could help businesses with their marketing and advertising – like she did in radio – but with unlimited possibilities? What if she partnered with well-respected and talented business owners so that she could help her clients with anything imaginable? And just like that, Vast Strategies was born.

Finding The Best Designers and Marketers in Central PA

Tammy knew that if she wanted to offer truly unmatched quality and service, she was going to have to find the best of the best. She turned to former colleagues, business associates, and long-time partners for recommendations on creative designers, media buyers, photographers, and a few other key marketing and advertising professionals. She looked at a stack of portfolios and talked to dozens of talented individuals, but the same names kept coming up over and over. If the majority recommends the same people repeatedly, you know they are the best in the business.

One by one, Tammy added to her team to create an elite group of design and marketing professionals.

+ Bitsy McCann of Bitsy Plus Design

+ Chad Arentz of Jump Creative

+ Maureen Williams of Monarch Media Solutions

+ Gwen Robbins of Commonwealth Printing and Promotions

+ Mary Williams of Mary Williams Photography

+ Emily Fisher of EJ Designs

These professionals are all titans in their industry, and combined with Tammy, they have over 137 years of combined experience. They have all been successfully running their businesses for a long time, which proves excellent business savvy in addition to incredible talent.

No Overhead = Lower Cost

Unlike most advertising agencies with swanky modern offices and prominent downtown locations, we do not have a singular HQ. We all work remotely from our home-based offices. Our meetings often take place virtually or over the phone which means no drive time, no inflated agency hours, and no over-the-top or flashy sales pitches. Less time means less cost. Less cost, in this case, does not mean less quality. It means a better deal for our clients.

We’ve Got The Power (and share it with others!)

For every client we work with, the empowerment of small business owners is always at the forefront of our mind. We offer training for our clients - from updating their newly designed website to providing guidance on social media. We want to ensure that our clients can handle updates themselves if they so choose. We also provide hourly consultations to owners who maybe cannot afford our services at the time but want to be able to make changes on their own. We are beyond happy to share our knowledge to help improve a local business.

We Care About Our Clients

Tammy is strategic, inventive, and always thinking of new opportunities for her clients. For every company that approaches Vast Strategies, Tammy offers a free marketing consultation to provide guidance on things they can do on their own and things they can hire us for. Don’t get us wrong, you can hire us for everything! But you don’t need to if you have staff that can handle it for you. We believe in empowering our clients. We believe in making things easy. So, if you have someone on staff who can write blogs, post on social media or take your headshots, use them! If you don’t, use us. Our feelings don’t get hurt by business decisions. Why? Because we truly care about the success of our clients. And generally, after we work on a project with them, we care about them personally, too.

Discover the Vast Strategies Difference

If you believe you need some professional help with your marketing, branding, or advertising, set up an initial marketing consultation with Tammy. Discover how we’re different. Hire us or don’t hire us. At the end of the day, Tammy’s always just happy to have an extra friend somewhere in Harrisburg and beyond. Connect >>>


Written by one of our content curators, Bitsy.


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